Mission Trip 7/1/2022 Madisonville, Kentucky     And todays weather report: another sunny day, a light breeze, and a high of 90, so a good day to be outside, in the shade that is. Good thing is we had a half day today because the group from North Carolina wanted to leave today to start the holiday weekend. And with the departure of Elvis and Carrie today, team Bob had to move to the house (also in Dawson Springs) that team Elvis was working on, which is located on Frederick Street, so they picked up a few new people. But when we got to the worksite, we found out that the blueprints had been taken back to the Fuller Center, so we had Supervisor Scott run and grab them since we had no idea where exactly the walls went. Scott also brought with him a new load of lumber for the day. He even stayed around until the end of our shift to help us. Nailgun queen Heather has become quite adept at nailing the frame boards together, and she even seems to enjoy it.  Davis was on the power say, a

2022 Madisonville Kentucky Work Day 4

        Mission Trip Madisonville Kentucky, 6/30/2022     Hello enthusiastic blog readers! Thank you for keeping up with our adventure and of course thank you for your many prayers that have helped us through this busy week. We apologize for no pictures this time, we are having technical difficulties. Most of us started the day off with a hearty breakfast, followed by hectic packups as the teams were getting ready to go to our sites.      Now  I'm going to let Kyle explain what happened on team Carmen. First of all, Kyle succesfully pet a cow today with a little encouragement to keep tryinng from Rick. The team was laying blocks again today and they should be finished with the final wall tomorrow.  Great job guys!  Everyone there survived the heat, if just barely, and had a very productive day.  When Rev. Peter arrived back at the church many people, including me (Clark) could only recognize him by the sound of his voice.       Next I'll talk about team Bob.  Pastor Jeff prayed

Putting up a Wall at One of Our Work Sites


2022 Madisonville Kentucky Work Day 3

  Mission trip 6/29/2022 Madisonville Kentucky     The day started out with a beautiful clear sky without a cloud in it. Of course we knew what that meant, it would all too soon be hot where we would be working in direct sunlight. We all gave Mary Rae hugs goodbye because she had to leave early from the mission trip. Just to show what a nice lady she is she went on a final shopping trip for groceries  for the kitchen before she left.      This time, instead of talking about what my team did, I will let Kyle take over and talk about what they did today. Team Carmen was still laying block, almost finished with the outer wall of the foundation, but there's still the inner basement wall to build up. Mel and Kerrin were supposed to be going to a new group today, but ended up just staying with Carmen the whole day. Mel broke a shovel in a cement mixer  and broke it.  Thank God she only came out with a sore shoulder. Right across the field from the site was a herd of cows, which Kyle unsu

2022 Madisonville Kentucky Work Day 2

  Mission trip day 2, 6/28/2022 Madisonville Kentucky     We woke up to another beautiful, cool morning, with cloud cover that lasted for most of the day, helping it stay moderately cool throughout the day along with a slight breeze. Most of us wore sunscreen, which was still needed for everyone. I know a lot of what happened on team Bob, because that's what group I was transfered to today. We started out by putting down the sub flooring on top of the cement block foundation today. And once again we were joined by a very energetic work crew of 5 people that came from North Carolina. Instead of having a host church, that were staying in a camper for the week. Mary Rae and I met 3 different members of the North Carolina crew while working on the toolshed outside of the First Christian Church yesterday.   I could not be helped but be impressed by Bob's skill at reading the blue print of the house we were building, and then telling us what we had to do next.  Now Bob is a retired s

2022 Madisonville Kentucky

Mission Trip 2020, Taylorsville, Illinois Mission  Trip 2022, Madisonville, Kentucky       Different place, same mission:  mending broken houses and broken lives.  Or in many cases no house at all, just a concrete slab where a house used to be.  Shortly before our trip I happened to see a news story on NBC Nightly News about the tornado that came through Mayfield, KY and the aftermath, even 6 months later.  That same storm brought a tornado through towns just south of Madisonville.  And the story is much the same -- that many victims are still in need of desparate help to get back on their feet.  After their lives were changed in an instant.     The trip down.          Let us pray for all those who couldn't make it on this trip after expressing initial interest.  Life does happen, and we hope to see you on a future mission trip.  Most of us who were able started the trip by loading into the rental vans at Old Union at about 11:30 am. We ran into many bumps in the road, figuratively

Why We're Going

 On December 10, 2021 a string of tornados carved a 165 mile long path of destruction from Arkansas to Ohio.  Western Kentucky was hardest hit.  We will stay at First Presbyterian Church of Madisonville Kentucky, to asssist the Hopkins County Long Term Recovery Group in their rebuilding efforts.